Custom Cakes

A party without cake is really just a meeting

Julia Child

Prices shown are for our simple buttercream cakes. Fondant, artwork, or other design elements may be a additional charge. The “starting at” price is base rate for a single cake flavor and single buttercream flavor. The addition of multiple flavors,specialty fillings, fruits and decoration will increase the price of your cake. Please fill out the order inquiry form to discuss your cake and provide you with an accurate quote.
Frosting Style:
Flat Iced, Textured, Naked, Semi-Naked

Rosette, Drip, Candy, Fondant details

Feeding lots of people?

We recommend ordering a smaller cake (such as a 6", 8", 9", or even a small two tier!), and then supplementing servings with cupcakes! It's easier at the party too, since you won't need to cut the cake right away, people can graze on cupcakes, while your cake stays beautiful and intact!
  • 6" Serves 10-12 ........ $40
  • 8" Serves 16-20 ...... $60
  • 9" Serves 25-30 ...... $80
  • 10" Serves 30-35 .... $90
  • 12" Serves 36-40 .... $120

Signature Celebration Cakes: